In some cases, Augmentsodine™ can help restore the effectiveness and efficiency of your immune system so it can destroy the harmful invaders. Natural antibodies stimulate your killer white blood cells to destroy bad bacteria, viruses and yeast.

Components found in Augmentsodine™ can train and refresh your immune system to produce antibodies against many different types of infections. Numerous studies show great promise for Augmentsodine™ in helping your cells’ battle against the surge of new, antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

Augmentsodine™ is safe and enhances, balances and strengthens your immune system at any age. When babies are born, colostrum, the primary ingredient in Augmentsodine™ helps initialize their immune system against harmful organisms.

Medical practitioners have recommended Colostrum for centuries to help everyone enhance, stimulate and balance their immune systems. Colostrum was highly prized for its health balancing benefits long before the discovery of penicillin and sulphur drugs.