Fight Cancer and
Foster Radiant Health

Super-Charged Colostrum Extract 20 Times More Powerful than Store-Bought Colostrum

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to learn how super-power food supplement colostrum can fight cancer, and reverse signs of aging and disease by helping cells to function normally … just like they did when you were a child!

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Colostrum: Healing Immune Problems,
Changing Lives

Thousands of people worldwide have experienced strengthened immune systems and radiant health. They have discovered the power of Colostrum and its benefits:

  • Colostrum is the only food supplement that annihilates viruses.
  • Colostrum is a natural detoxifyer – eliminating free radicals and waste.
  • Colostrum helps your cells absorb more nutrients faster. When your cells work the way they were designed, optimized for top performance, you have more energy and greater feelings of well-being.
  • Colostrum has no addictive qualities, no side effects, no lethal dose, and very little lactose (so if you are lactose-intolerant, you can still take Colostrum without negative side effects).
  • Colostrum is safe for consumption for people of all ages.

Augmentsodine™ Colostrum Extract: 20x More Powerful than Store-Bought Colostrum

The scientists at Genesis Advanced BioScience created a revolutionary breakthrough in human nutrition called Fortizel™. Fortizel utilizes a super-powered extract of Colostrum called Augmentsodine™. The proprietary Augmentsodine™ formula is a super colostrum extract that contains essential anti-oxidants and immunoglobulins that help your cells neutralize toxins and heal more efficiently. Your damaged cells heal faster. Dead cells are removed more effectively. New cells are healthier.

You can’t find this level of concentrated power in store-bought Colostrum.

The powerful colostrum extract also balances and strengthens your immune system. Microbial invaders won’t know what hit them when they are obliterated by the powerful response of your super-energized, killer white blood cells.

Genesis Advanced BioScience is a world-class life science pioneer of natural healing, anti-aging, performance optimization, wellness and rejuvenation.

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Your Needs CoE1 Vitality Plus - Natural Energy
Fortizel Cellular System Fortifier
Fight Cancer
Boost My Immune System
Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Feel Better
Heal Lyme Disease Presenting as CF
Fight Fatigue
Eliminate Gastrointestinal Problems
Increase Brain Performance <
Better Heart Health

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