The mechanisms behind these benefits begin at a microscopic level, specifically in the microvilli in your intestines. They are very small, finger-like projections responsible for nutrient absorption. They are easily damaged by infections, lack of sufficient nutrients and the unwanted side-effects of prescription drugs.

The repair factors in Augmentsodine™ help restore the health of the damaged microvilli.

Augmentsodine™ is also rich in carnitine. Carnitine is important for the long chain fatty acid metabolism within your mitochondria, the energy factory in your cells. It is an epithelial growth factor that has a potent beneficial effect on the health of your intestinal tract. It enhances your ability to absorb valuable, life-enhancing nutrients.

“When assisting any person, the first point of call is to ensure that the digestive system regains its ability to absorb nutrients effectively,” says Dr. Kolstad. “Augmentsodine™ enhances the recovery of the microvili brushborder in the small intestine, responsible for the majority of nutrient absorption. This is a natural starting point for any health program.”

Enhancing and strengthening your immune system is beneficial when you suffer from an out-of-balance or weak immune system, caused by stress and poor health. Augmentsodine™ can help you improve your health by strengthening the ability of your cells to defeat and destroy harmful microbes that flourish in your body when your immune system is inefficient, ineffective and abnormal.

The antibodies in Augmentsodine™ help your killer white blood cells recognize and attack harmful bacteria, viruses and yeast. When you strengthen and balance your immune system, your cells destroy invading microbes more effectively. Many doctors and researchers now admit that antibiotics should be a last resort when battling bacterial infections.

Studies show antibiotics also kill your beneficial bacteria. These bacteria play an important role in the digestion of your food and help suppress dangerous yeasts.