As a way to stay healthy and fit, more and more people are willing to use preventative dietary supplements. While the event of aging is impossible to prevent, we can combat the signs and assist the body through correct nutrition to reduce the effects of aging within the body.

It is important to know what the health risks are so appropriate measures can be taken. Although preventative medicine is working, health control experiments using laboratory testing do not always offer suitable solutions. Important data can be retrieved from individuals through extensive questionnaires, allowing professionals the opportunity to give more specific and pertinent advice.

Dietary supplements can be useful but choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Taking multiple vitamins or constantly changing from one supplement to the next just does not make sense.

This ‘Personal Check-Up’ aims to give you an understanding of your vulnerabilities and helps you to choose the right supplement.

The Personal Check-Up consists of 8 parts and includes the following topics :

  • Aging
  • Oxidative Stress (an Anti-Oxidants Analysis)
  • Vital Nutrients
  • Nutrients
  • Minerals
  • Heart/Vascular Problems
  • Hormones
  • Mental Fitness

We then calculate a score from each part, evaluate your health risks and assess whether you do have preventative measures in place.

Changes to your lifestyle can improve vitality and overall feelings of wellbeing. There’s no need to “feel your age”.

Completing this Personal Check-Up will take approximately 30 minutes. Would you invest 30 minutes if it meant adding years to your life?