Fortizel™ replenishes your primary coenzyme levels that are depleted by your environmental and biological stressors.

Higher coenzyme 1 levels help you have more energy. When you are not experiencing optimal health, you need a greater amount of high quality nutrients to maintain your overall energy level. When your cellular energy levels are normal, your body can more efficiently battle harmful bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites.

It is also easier for you to maintain a healthy body weight when your cells have adequate amounts of energy.

As mentioned in the section on Greater Lean Muscle Mass, Augmentsodine™ helps your digestive system become healthier so it’s primed to absorb more nutrients from your food. This important activity may provide numerous health benefits that include a return to a normal body weight.

As you age, digestion and absorption of nutrients becomes a major factor in your overall health and body mass.