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Fortizel® is a natural optimizer of the body’s achievement potential. It supports the natural endurance of optimum performance and re-energizes muscle formation and regeneration.

More than 80% of athletes taking Fortizel® have reported strong improvements such as more stamina, better endurance, higher energy and shorter recovery phases.

Athletes also have fewer muscular problems with Fortizel® and less susceptibility to infections. They also report an improved level of concentration and faster healing from injuries.

Fortizel’s positive impact on the performance of athletes is caused by increased plasma IGF-1 levels. This enhances intramuscular buffering capacity and production of IgA coupled with a decrease in BMI.
Fortizel® improves the functioning of the immune system. Improvement of the immune system prevents the waste of IgG2 concentration in serum. Consuming Fortizel® during intensive training and the subsequent recovery phase also lowers the incidence of respiratory problems.

In addition, the probability of infection after sports injuries is significantly reduced after consumption of Fortizel®. Muscle strain acceptance increases with Fortizel® while pain associated with sore muscles is reduced. The other advantage is that the muscle soreness and muscular pain at maximum strains is reduced. The outcome is an improved training attitude that inspires motivation and concentration.
Athletes of all disciplines have attested that their stamina has improved and their recuperating times have shortened after intense training sessions. The general exercise capacity and training mind-set is improved with Fortizel®. Concentration is better and muscle ache occurs much more rarely.

Is it a Doping Substance?
It is not a doping substance. Many people and non-users are concerned that ingesting Fortizel® may cause positive doping tests in athletes. THIS IS UNEQUIVOCALLY, NOT TRUE! IGF-1 is digested and already found within the body. Many food products contain IGF-1 or other growth factors that are banned in sport yet consuming them does not constitute or lead to doping violations.